37418/D6971 East Lancashire Railway
Current Status: Stopped, General Fault Investigations
Current Livery: BR Large Logo Blue (without name or numbers)
Running Number: 37418
Built: 1965 English Electric
Works Number: Vulcan Foundry 3531/D960
Power Unit: English Electric 12CSVT
Electrical Equipment: English Electric and Brush
Power Output: 1,750 HP Weight: 105 Tons
Maximum Speed: 80 MPH Length: 61' 6"
Train Brakes: Vacuum and Air Height: 12' 9"
Train Heating: ETH Width: 8' 10½"
Originally D6971, then 37271 under the tops system, 37418 was one of 31 class members to be refurbished to Class 37/4 in the mid-1980s with a Brush alternator replacing the EE generator and, amongst other modifications, ETH capability fitted.

It is rather fitting that 37418 ended up in preservation at the ELR as it carried the name 'East Lancashire Railway' for several years. By the time it arrived here it had been re-named 'Pectinidae' complete with shell logo.

In 2010, 37418 suffered a serious power unit failure. A replacement unit was found and this, along with the alternator, have been overhauled and arrived back on site during August 2014. Whilst out of action, the loco has had a thorough clean and paint inside and out.

37418 returned to traffic in BR Large Logo Blue (without numbers, logos or name) for the ELR Spring Diesel Gala, 7th and 8th of March 2015.

A small selection of photographs of 37418
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