D9537 'Eric'
Current Status: Operational, on hire to Ecclesbourne Valley Railway
Current Livery: British Railways Black, Red Bufferbeams, Small Warning Panel
Running Number: D9537
Built: 1965 British Railways Swindon
Power Unit: Paxman Ventura 6YJXL
Transmission: Voith L217U 3-Speed
Power Output: 650 HP Weight: 48½ Tons
Maximum Speed: 40 MPH Length: 38' 0"
Train Brakes: Vacuum Only Height: 13' 0"
Train Heating: None Width: 8' 7½"
The second class 14, D9537 arrived at the ELR late on the 4th of March 2013. The loco, nicknamed 'Eric', was purchased by a consortium of ELR Diesel group & C15PS members from its former owner, whose intial plans for the locomotive when purchased did not come to fruition.

D9537 has a seized power unit which will require either repair or replacement, along with work to reverse 20 years of being out of use, the loco last ran on the Glouscestershire & Warkwickshire Railway in the early 1990's before being stopped with the power unit problem.

A little over 15 Months from arriving, D9537 returned to service on Friday 25th of July during the 14s@50 weekend, celebrating 50 Years of the Class 14 locomotives.

In 2015 D9537 starred at the Dean Forest Railway for their September Diesel Gala, joining up with classmates D9521 and D9555 once again. 'Eric' also travelled to the Ribble Steam Railway, Preston for their Diesel Gala Weekend in October, running with classmate D9539 again. The pair of 14s also had the great honour of hauling the prototype EE Deltic around the Ribble system, quite something!

July 2016 through to March 2017, D9537 was away on holiday at the Spa Valley Railway, returning via the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway on the way home to Bury.

Eric's Desert Sand livery gained a small yellow warning panel Mid-April 2017, and towards the end of the year the loco was stopped for general maintenance and repaint. D9537 emerged in BR-Black livery for the Winter 2018 Gala, with Red number castings, lion and wheel transfers and GWR style power classification of 'C'.

During 2018 the loco saw use at the North Norfolk Railway, where 37 assisted during the Steam Ban periods in August and early September. After a brief return to Bury, Eric went back to the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway where it will remain on hire for the 2019 season.

A small selection of photographs of D9537
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