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Class 207/3-DEL DEMU
Status: Stored Out of Use
Livery: BR(S) Green, Small Warning Panels
DMBSO S60130
Driving Motor Brake Second Open
Built: BR Eastleigh Works
Lot No 30625/1962
Traction Type: Diesel-Electric
Equipment: English Electric
Power Unit: EE 4SRKT MkII
Power Output: 600 HP
Max Speed: 75 MPH
Train Brakes: Electro-Pneumatic Air
Train Heating: Electric
Weight: 56 Tons
Length: 64' 0"
Height: 12' 4½"
Width: 8' 6"
DTSO S60904
Driving Trailer Second Open
Built: BR Eastleigh Works
Lot No 30627/1962
Weight: 32 Tons
Length: 64' 0"
Height: 12' 4½"
Width: 8' 6"
TSOL S70549
Trailer Second Open with Lavatory, from 4-CEP 411567 (Originally 7200) and is slightly wider than the Class 207 cars as can be seen in some of the photos below.
Built: BR Eastleigh Works
Lot No Lot No 30620/1961
Weight: 32 Tons
Length: 64' 6"
Height: 12' 6"
Width: 9' 0"
As new, 3D 1305 had a 'paint date' of 01-05-1962 and was outshopped from Eastleigh Works, although the underframes were fabricated at Ashford Works. It entered traffic in all-over green livery and was formed of 60130, 60604 and 60904, allocated to St Leonards depot for maintenance. It was repainted once in green livery, gained plain blue around August 1968 and blue/grey livery during 1981, being renumbered 207005 in June 1986.

It was stripped of blue asbestos at Swindon Works between 10-11-1984 and 20-4-1985. Following the closure of St Leonards depot in October 1987, 207005's maintenance base become Selhurst and it saw use on the 'Oxted' and 'Marshlink' lines. Conversion to a 2-car, renumbered 207102, begain in October 1991 with TC 60604 being withdrawn and later scrapped at Meyer Newman, Snailwell. The 2-car conversion included the construction of gangways between the coaches and the internal partition in 60904 was removed, whilst the Guard's compartment gained a doorway into the saloon. Flourescent lighting and a PA system were fitted at Eastleigh and it went into traffic in its new form in February 1992, used on the Marshlink line as the droplight windows were not restricted, ruling out use on the Oxted line.

Introduction of through Brighton-Ashford trains from 28 May 1995 saw the unit made-up to a 3-car again, with ex-4CEP trailer coach 70549 inserted. The unit was then renumbered 207202 and was named at Brighton on 3rd June 1995. Despite working solely Brighton-Ashford, 207202 was still based at Selhurst for maintenance purposes.

The unit was overhauled at Eastleigh between 02-10 and 05-11-1998 and released in Connex livery with droplight opening restrictions fitted to enable it to be used on the Oxted line. The 4CEP centre coach was removed during the leaf-fall seasons and several short periods between 1998 and 2001. DTS 60904 was slightly damaged when the unit hit a car on Forge Farm crossing in April 2001 and was repaired at Eastleigh, returning 1st of June the same year.

The unit was fitted with TPWS at Selhurst in March 2003 and continued in service until its last passenger journey which was 21.00 Uckfield-East Croydon, 17th August 2004. It then moved to Redhill 24th of August 2004 where it was damaged by graffiti vandals. 207202 arrived at Bury during October 2004 where graffiti was removed and a repaint into all-over green as 1305 took place.

Sadly 1305 has been stored out of use for several years now. Initially stopped for bodywork repairs which, when started found traces of Asbestos. The cost of removal was prohibitive so the work was halted and the unit is awaiting decision as to its future.
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