Ex Industrial Shunters and Smaller Locos
As well as the more standard BR types of shunter, the ELR is also home to three more unusual shunters from industrial companies. These include former Manchester Ship Canal Hudswell Clarke Diesel Electric 0-6-0, 4002 along with two chain driven 4wDM units, Planet No3438 formerly used by National Benzole and the Simplex Motor Rail.

Manchester Ship Canal 4002
Planet 4wDM No3438
Motorail Simplex 4wDM No9009

MSC 4002 (Arundel Castle)
(0-6-0 Diesel Electric)
Current Status: Operational
Current Livery: MSC 'Sheffield Green' with Gold letters and numbers
Running Number: 4002 (with adhesive nameplates)
Built: Hudswell Clarke & Co Ltd
Power Unit: National Diesel & Gas
6 Cylinder Diesel
Electrical Equipment: Brush Traction Weight: 50 Tons (+/-)
Power Output: 400 HP Length: 30' 8"
Maximum Speed: 15 MPH Height: 12' 10"
Train Brakes: Air (Vacuum through piped Width: 8' 8"
with destroyer valve 2010)
Affectionately known as 'Billy' at the ELR, 4002 is one of a pair of Hudswell Diesel-Electrics which were used by the Manchester Ship Canal Company as part of their extensive fleet operating around Trafford Park.

The pair were numbered 4001/2 at the MSC and both still survive although 4001 is a static non-operational exhibit at the Winfields Store site at Acre Village (between Haslingden and Accrington). 4001 donated several parts to allow 4002 to live on as a working example.

'Billy' has worked on passenger services very rarely at the ELR, during the July 2003 Diesel Event and May 2011 Small Engines Weekend. In September 2010, 4002 was a special guest at the Middleton Railway (Leeds) Manchester Ship Canal Gala event featuring both Steam and Diesel locomotives from the company.

4002 featured at the Small Engines Event in April 2016 but had to be stood down due to running a hot axlebox. Since then the loco has had a good deal of attention and is currently the Works Pilot at Baron Street.

Some video footage of 4002 at the ELR and the MSC Gala event can be found on YouTube.

A small selection of photographs of 4002 through the years
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Planet 4wDM No3438
(0-4-0 Diesel Mechanical, Chain Driven)
Current Status: Stored awaiting Overhaul
Current Livery: Unbranded 'National Benzole Mixture' Blue
Running Number: None
Built: FC Hibberd & Co Ltd
Ashford, Kent N°3438/1950
Power Unit: National Diesel & Gas DA6
Transmission: 3-Speed Gearbox
Chain Driven Weight: 18 Tons
Power Output: 75 HP Length: 17' 11"
Maximum Speed: Design Speed Unknown Height: 9' 11"
Train Brakes: None Width: 7' 7"
A small selection of photographs of 3438
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Motor Rail Simplex 4wDM 9009
(0-4-0 Diesel Mechanical, Chain Driven)
Current Status: Operational but rarely used
Current Livery: War Department Green
Running Number: None
Built: Simplex Motor Rail Ltd
Bedford England N°9009
Power Unit: Dorman 4cyl Diesel
Transmission: -----
----- Weight: ----- Tons
Power Output: ----- HP Length: 13' 3"
Maximum Speed: ----- MPH Height: 10' 4"
Train Brakes: None Width: 7' 6"
A small selection of photographs of the Motor Rail Simplex
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With such a large fleet of different locomotives it can be easy for those which are out of service undergoing restoration or essential repairs to get 'lost' or forgotten about. The following is a selection of links to individual locomotive group appeal pages. If you have a little to spare towards a favourite cause they will be extremely happy to hear from you.