First of all thanks for clicking and taking a look here. Like all Railway Preservation groups we survive on people giving up their time, expertise and money to the cause. There are several ways you can help the ELR:DG

Attending diesel events and running days 
Buying sales items and merchandise
Getting involved as a volunteer
Making a Donation or setting up a Standing Order

If you already come to Diesel events and running days then you're helping already, thanks for your kind support and we hope you will be back at the ELR soon!

So as it says, Don't Panic! Nothing has broken beyond economical repair and there is no diesel related disaster imminent! Prevention, however, is always preferrable to cure ...

Joking apart, we do need your support in order to help with the stabling and maintenance facilities at Bury and as such we are appealing to you for either one-off or ongoing donations.

Friends of the ELRDG and volunteers (as well as giving their time) also make regular contributions to the diesel department coffers, paid into an account previously known as the 'Tea Fund' although it was not and is not used for buying biscuits etc.

The ELR:DG Fund provides money for:

Specialist Tools and Equipment (Supply & Repairs)
Protective Equipment (Goggles/Gloves/Masks etc)
Small Crane and Lifting Equipment
Maintenance Reference Library
Common Stores Facilities
Messroom and Washing Facilities
Security Monitoring and Improvements

The ultimate aim is to provide a new maintenance and undercover storage area for as many of the fleet as possible, away from the unforgiving elements that the North West dishes up.

Making a Donation

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All of the details you need to make either a one-off donation or to set up a standing order are contained in the Adobe PDF file on the left. Please download a copy and have a look at the information. No matter the amount, every pound received will make a difference.

With such a large fleet of different locomotives it can be easy for those which are out of service undergoing restoration or essential repairs to get 'lost' or forgotten about. The following is a selection of links to individual locomotive group appeal pages. If you have a little to spare towards a favourite cause they will be extremely happy to hear from you.