If you are making a special journey to see or be hauled by a specific locomotive please check to avoid disappointment. This roster only relates to diesel workings. A list of ELR events is shown further down the page. See the ELR Website for the full running schedule.

Date Loco(s) Notes
Santa Special Information ----- Santa Specials are operated 'Top and Tail' between Bury and Rawtenstall. The Steam Loco is at the North (Rawtenstall) end of the train, Diesel Loco at the South (Bury) end. Santa services do not stop at Burrs Country Park. Trains will not stop at Irwell Vale after 14.55

Special Event Tickets are required to travel in Santa Coaches. Limited standard seating is available at the North (Steam) end of the trains.

DMU Shuttles will operate between Burrs Country Park, Bury and Heywood. PLEASE NOTE services for Burrs Country Park cease after 15.55

All traction subject to availability. The mainline diesel loco pool includes 33109, 45108, D1501 and 50015. Standby traction will be rostered as required.

Santa Timetable PDF
Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th December D1501
Santa Set 1 (09.30 - 17.29) 5 trips
Santa Set 2 (10.20 - 16.39) 4 trips
Heywood-Burrs Shuttle Service (08.55-17.53)
Wednesday 20th December Class 122 Christmas Shopper
Thursday 21st, Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd December 50015
Santa Set 1 (09.30 - 17.29) 5 trips
Santa Set 2 (10.20 - 16.39) 4 trips
Heywood-Burrs Shuttle Service (08.55-17.53)
Sunday 24th December 50015
Santa Set 1 (09.30 - 14.09) 3 trips
Santa Set 2 (10.20 - 14.59) 3 trips
Heywood-Burrs Shuttle Service (08.55-15.33)
Tuesday 26th December Class 105 Boxing Day Mince Pie Specials
Saturday 30th December Class 105 Blue Timetable
Sunday 31st December Class 104 Blue Timetable
Monday 1st January Class 104 New Years Day Timetable Whiskey Chaser
Saturday 6th January 33109 Blue Timetable
Sunday 7th January 33109 Blue Timetable
( TBC - to be confirmed )

Driver Experience and special trains
Shown in brackets and/or italic text. These trains are included for information only, it is not possible to travel on these unless you are a participant, invited guest or ticket holder for that service. See the ELR Website for more about booking a course yourself!

All advertised workings are subject to availability
While every effort will be made to ensure the rostered locos or units are available and running to the advertised timetable, the ELR reserves the right to cancel or terminate any service or use alternative motive power without prior notice.

Details of all services are available at the East Lancashire Railway Website
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Event dates for the 2018 season will be available soon

The regular season also features diesel haulage on most Saturdays and some Sundays - check the loco roster page for more information.

As well as the Diesel related events, there are always loads of things going on at the ELR. The Railway operates Diner and Cream Tea Services through the year plus the Rail Ale Trail.

Event Dates
Santa Specials Saturday 25th November to Sunday 24th December
Christmas Shopper Specials Wednesdays 6th, 13th and 20th December
Mince Pie Specials Tuesday 26th December
Whiskey Chaser Monday 1st Janurary
Tornado at the ELR Wednesday 29th March to Monday 2nd April

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