Current Status: Stopped, Power Unit Overhaul
Current Livery: BR Blue with Full Yellow Ends
Running Number: D7076
Built: Beyer Peacock (Hymek) Ltd
Manchester 1962, No 7980
Power Unit: Maybach MD870
Transmission: Stone-Maybach Mekydro K184u
Power Output: 1,700 HP Weight: 75 Tons
Maximum Speed: 90 MPH Length: 51' 8½"
Train Brakes: Vacuum Only Height: 12' 10"
Train Heating: Steam Heat (Isolated) Width: 8' 10"
D7076 is one of four preserved 'Hymeks' although it is the only preserved example from the later MkII batch. New in 1962, D7076 along with the other Hymeks had a very short service life, being withdrawn in May 1973 although the loco was retained at the Railway Technical Centre in Derby along with classmate D7096, used as dead loads for experiments and suchlike.

By the time D7076 was secured for preservation both of the RTC Hymeks were in a bad state but it was possible to restore one by using spares from the other. D7096 was the donor locomotive and its number is carried in D7076's B-end cab in memory. D7096 was reduced to a shell and cut up.

D7076 was amongst the earliest Diesel Locomotives at the ELR, being one of the Bury Hydraulic Group fleet along with D9531, D832 and D1041. During 2009, D7076 became what is known as a 'Wesmek', BHG creativity at its best! D7076's power unit was requiring attention and D1041 was out of action but had a servicable Maybach MD655 engine which would fit so, the roof section of D7076 was altered and the MD655 inserted. A replacement engine was found for D7076 and the loco regained Hymek status proper with the return of the new MD870 in 2011.

It's fair to say D7076 is always a popular runner! Recent general maintenance has included replacement of its Vacuum Exhauster and attention to the batteries. Sadly the loco was subject to vandalism towards the end of May, one of the drivers windscreens being smashed, this has now been replaced.

Following much needed bodywork repairs D7076 returned to traffic for the Summer Diesel Gala 2014, ex-works in BR Blue. D7076 also had the honour of hauling the Diesel Diner on Saturday Evening, 27th of September, during the 2014 Autumn Diesel Gala Weekend.

2015 was a very busy year for the 'Mek, visiting events around the Country. These included the Barrow Hill Diesel Rarities Gala in April, Swanage Railway Diesel Gala in May, North Norfolk Railway in June, the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway in July and the Severn Valley Railway in October along with Class 14, D9531 'Ernest'.

D7076 is likely to be stopped at the end of the 2016 Season to allow the loco to be lifted and attention given to the bogies including running gear, brake rigging and springs.

A small selection of photographs of D7076 through the years
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With such a large fleet of different locomotives it can be easy for those which are out of service undergoing restoration or essential repairs to get 'lost' or forgotten about. The following is a selection of links to individual locomotive group appeal pages. If you have a little to spare towards a favourite cause they will be extremely happy to hear from you.