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Class 122 DMU
Status: Operational
Livery: BR Blue
DMBS W55001
Driving Motor Brake Second
Built: Gloucester RCW Co Ltd
Lot No 30419/1958
Traction Type: Diesel-Mechanical
Transmission: 2x Wilson 4-Speed
Epicyclic Gearbox
Power Unit: 2x BUT Leyland
Power Output: 2x 150 HP
Max Speed: 70 MPH
Train Brakes: Vacuum Only
Train Heating: 2x Smiths Heater
Weight: 36 Tons
Length: 64' ½"
Height: 12' 8½"
Width: 9' 3"
Built by Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company in 1958, W55001 is the second of an original batch of 20 which were supplimented with a further 9 Driving Trailers, as with the similar Class 121 units built by Pressed Steel in 1960. Sadly none of the Class 122 Driving Trailers survive.

Unusually, W55001 was transferred from regular passenger work, becoming part of the departmental fleet in 1969 numbered TDB 975023. The unit was used extensively for route learning and was clearly suited to the role. Based for many years at Bristol and Reading, 975023 moved North around 1989, spending it's final years at Manchester's Longsight Depot. As well as L101, the unit was numbered as 'Set 01' and is alleged to have run with the erroneous number DB975073 from 1969 to 1971.

Orignally preserved at the Northampton & Lamport Railway in 1998, mechanically the unit had been robbed of many parts and it is believed that plans were considered to convert the unit to an observation saloon style vehicle. Classmate 55003 donated much of it's original interior panelling and fittings to 55001 when it was given a complete internal refit and it was decided to press on with a full restoration.

W55001 was acquired by Bury DMU group members in 2008 and the unit has seen extensive use at the ELR, often paired with Class 121 Driving Trailer W56289 (To make Bubble & Squeak!). The unit received an intermediate overhaul in 2014 with all exterior corrosion repaired followed by a repaint and reupholstered seating .The vehicle returned to service in April 2014 transformed internally and externally. In April 2017 the vehicle was lifted and bogies sent away to Longsight for tyre turning, drive shafts were serviced and re-balanced along with fitting overhauled vacuum cylinders.

'Bubble' remains in regular service, especially during midweek Summer periods plus Thomas and Santa shuttle services in multiple with other members of the ELR DMU fleet. 2020 has seen W55001 used for line inspection and light Permanent Way trips towards the end of the Covid-19 Lockdown.

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ELR Events

There are a wide range of events at the East Lancashire Railway ranging from Family and Education, Re-enactments, Sci-Fi, Transport and Collector's Fairs.

Selected events are shown below. See the ELR Website for the full event schedule.

Event Date(s)
Summer Diesel Gala
With guests 20066 courtesy of HNRC, 26007 courtesy of Kozzy Rail, 47830 courtesy of Freightliner and 57003 courtesy of LSL
Thursday 27th, Friday 28th
and Saturday 29th June
Day Out with Thomas Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th August
Autumn Diesel Gala Friday 13th and Saturday 14th September
Day Out with Thomas Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October
Autumn Steam Gala Friday 11th, Saturday 12th
and Sunday 13th October
DMU Weekend Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th November

All events subject to availability
While every effort will be made to ensure events take place as advertised, rostered locos or units are available and running to the advertised timetable, the ELR reserves the right to cancel or terminate without prior notice.

ELR Website
Check out the ELR Website for the full event schedule.